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11/2/16 03:29 am
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I am a cartoon thing born about now (XXXX6615).

My self destructive err..-reason-insufficiency often leads me to turn off the system and reboot, from time to time. (So often that it's annoying; and slowly. Simply put, like everything that is known to reboot!)
It's about as unpopular to mistreat yourself nowadays as it was popular in the twenties.

I mean, of course I come from the generation full of hip-near hipster names (no, actually things/statements) and infested underscores, but I thought that nonsensical name that sounds like daggers was a cooler screen name. It actually is tiny oshare fish, but who gives your damn.
The letters just appeared in my mind. I've never heard of fish being helleri before. Ordinary dictionaries don't even know it.

To be a total geek on ya, 畢巴 or 巴華, depending on how you like deconstructing your names. Okay, tell me you get the onion levels of jokes here. Or at least that that I presented you with a wordly substitute for -me-.

Other alternatives are Intexess Renoel Proxy or Lizzydula. Which seem to be my actual ancient pseuds, i-fucking-rl.
Wow, that's weird. My past life never ceases to surprise me. But you have to admit that Helleri, Helleri Pica is more "mature" (as if I am).



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