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MikoGalatea's Door

DW username: [personal profile] mikogalatea
Tumblr: [ profile] yomigaere
Fanfic journal: [community profile] flybycontact
FF.N profile: MikoGalatea

You may get: It'll most likely be short fic.

Please leave me: Comment with a fandom I know, character/ship, and some kind of prompt -- or if you're fine with anything, just say "Fic or treat!" and I'll come up with something based on your fandom interests. :3

Light is on for: Pretty much anyone -- monthlysupergoers, my DW circle, random passers-by, you name it. No need to have a door of your own, either!

Fandoms, etc.: I can write for Revolutionary Girl Utena, Dangan Ronpa (first game, SDR2, DR3, can have a go at NDRV3), Fire Emblem (7, 8, 13, 14) and Tokyo Xanadu. My full fandom list is right over here.

Other info: I suck at writing NSFW stuff, but I'm more than happy to receive it in treat form. I'm also not confident in writing crossovers. Flat-out DNWs include pregnancy, kidfic and omegaverse. If there's anything you're not sure about, feel free to ask.
mikogalatea: Chihiro from Dangan Ronpa with a finger to the chin, clearly pondering something. ([DR] Chihiro; thoughtful)
I think it might be about time I got an AO3 account. There's a fic challenge thingie here on DW that I'm kind of interested in having a go at, but it feels weird for me to think of trying to do it with no AO3.

If I do get one, I might only import my most recent fics onto it, because my older stuff is kind of embarrassing to reread and I'd rather just show what's most representative of what I can do now. I'll still continue to use my FF.N account and DW fanfic journal either way, so those are more than good enough for keeping my older efforts.

So. Shall I finally do it?

new dingdangs

13/10/17 01:57 pm[personal profile] mikogalatea
mikogalatea: Kaede and Shuuichi from Dangan Ronpa V3. Shuuichi is listening to Kaede as she seemingly admits to something. ([NDRV3] Kaede/Shuuichi)
I got New Dangan Ronpa V3 about a week and a half ago, and I just finished Chapter 1 earlier today. I feel bad that it's taken me so long to get that far in the game, but the last week had been so busy for me that I didn't have much free time to play it in; I'm hoping that's changed now so I can devote more time to my dingdangs.

I'll give my spoilery thoughts on the first chapter under the cut.

In which this franchise continues to bring pain )

Let's see if I can make more progress in this game at a better pace from now on. ^^;

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11/10/17 10:20 pm[personal profile] mikogalatea
mikogalatea: Kaede from Dangan Ronpa V3, casually rolling her eyes and smiling. ([NDRV3] Kaede; *eyeroll*)
I'm suddenly thinking of Utena AUs featuring Dangan Ronpa characters. More specifically, since I've been playing New Dangan Ronpa V3 recently, I'm currently imagining Kaede in Utena's position and Shuuichi as something like a Rose Bride.

Bonus points if Kokichi is a rival duellist fighting over the Rose Bride (Shuuichi).

... I kind of want to see this now.

I also wonder if Utena and Kaede could be good friends in a more regular crossover between the two canons.

Current anime

9/10/17 11:06 pm[personal profile] mikogalatea
mikogalatea: Shion and Rena from Higurashi, watching an offscreen event. Shion looks intent, while Rena is ready to cheer. ([Higurashi] Shion and Rena)
I'm watching the following series from the Fall Autumn 2017 season:

*Land of the Lustrous
*Code: Realize
*Just Because!
*King's Game

I doubt I'll be picking anything else up from this season, and it's possible I'll end up dropping one or two shows from what I am following, but I'll have to see.

Out of the stuff I was watching last season, I thought Re:CREATORS and Made in Abyss were great (and the latter made me want to check out the manga when it officially comes out in English next year), Princess Principle was good but could probably have done a bit more with the last episode or two, and Love and Lies was pretty meh and didn't make me want to read the original manga. Meanwhile, I ended up dropping Sakura Quest (not that it was bad or anything; it just didn't hold my interest enough to see it all the way through) and stalled on My Hero Academia S2 but intend to binge on the last several episodes of that at some point in future, though MHA isn't such a desperate thing for me because I've already read the manga version of all the events that the anime covers. Oh, and while it's from last last season, I still haven't got round to watching the last two episodes from Attack on Titan S2. ^^;

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